Thursday, January 3, 2008

Meanwhile, over at CNN

Jack Cafferty asks: "Are Iowa and New Hampshire the right places to start the presidential election process?"

And I answer: You bet they are Jack!

Rather than the crush of states pushing to move up their primaries and caucuses, we, the people, would be much better served if they were more spread out and we were able to meet the candidates the way the people of Iowa and New Hampshire have done. We, the people, could then make much more informed decisions.

Cafferty's comments indicate that many think the conventions are a waste of time and that we should just have a national primary. I strongly disagree. Such a scenario favors the candidates with deep pockets and would most likely give us a President who had little to nothing in common with the population. I'd rather go into the convention with several viable candidates than to have it all settled by March.

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