Thursday, February 28, 2008


Mike's new ad says it all!

Real Change

I never, I mean never, thought I would find myself in agreement with Newt Gingrich on anything. Imagine my surprise at seeing a video clip of Newt on Hannity & Colmes saying that conservatives need to declare their independence from the Republican party and finding myself nodding in agreement.

You can view the clip here.

You can read the transcript here.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Than a Little

I am more than a little frustrated with MSM, particularly CNN. CNN invites comments on the Ticker, their political blog, BUT comments are moderated and good luck getting a thoughtful comment approved. In the meantime, any crackpot who wants to take a shot gets their comment posted. So on the question of a GOP debate, there are lots of "give up" comments, lots of "support McCain" comments and not a few Ron Paul type comments. A comment like the following was (who knows why) not approved:
I would very much like to see a debate between the remaining Republican candidates. John McCain does not have the nomination wrapped up and it disenfranchises voters when we are told we must rally around the presumptive candidate. It is a disservice to the other candidates that they are expected to drop out of the race at this point.

Mike Huckabee has won primaries and caucuses in states that Republicans must win to take the national election and was second by the narrowest of margins in South Carolina, Missouri, Washington and Oklahoma. Governor Huckabee would most likely have won SC by an overwhelming margin but for the presence of Fred Thompson, who dropped out the next day. More people have voted against Senator McCain than those who have voted for him. That is telling. The voters deserve to be allowed to make their own choice without pressure from the national party or from the media.

Let the debate happen!

I thought it was a reasonable comment ... CNN did not approve it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

They like Mike!

I'm usually pretty low key about politics at church, sharing my POV only with those I know will respect my opinion even though they may not share it. (A group smaller than you might think!) In any case, this morning we were talking about Facebook and some were surprised that I am a member. I mentioned that it was only due to my political activity, and was asked who I support. Before I could say, one of the women said "I hope you will say Huckabee. He is the best candidate." Several others spoke up, also voicing support for Governor Huckabee. We were having a great "We Like Mike" Fest until the music started and we had to go sit down.

Back from the Blahs

I've been fighting the flu, so haven't been very faithful about blogging. What energy I did have, I spent on phone calls for Mike Huckabee and harassing the Washington Republican Party.

Yes, I was one of many who e-mailed the WSRP asking for an explanation of their declaring John McCain the winner when only 87% of the vote had been counted and the margin was only 242 votes. They weren't very happy about being questioned, with the state chair saying it was obvious I didn't understand the caucus process. (Hello, MN is a caucus state, though he had no way of knowing why I *do* understand the caucus process.) Then I got an e-mail from another state party official telling me not to send another e-mail because the issue was decided. Huh? That sounds to me like someone doesn't understand who voters are and what their power is. If I lived in WA I would have gone immediately to their office to have it out with them. (and perhaps share my germs in retaliation)

Now that I can talk without coughing my lungs out, I am going back to the phones tomorrow and will keep at it until we reach the next primaries.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saturday Symphony

Great news that Kansas voters turned out in force to give Mike Huckabee a 60% margin.

The win in Louisiana is good news, but with less than a 50% margin, the LA convention will make the final determination. Hopefully they will follow the primary.

John McCain is projected to win Washington with a margin of just a little over 200 votes. Not all precincts have reported, so the outcome could be questionable. What is surprising is a strong showing for Ron Paul and the 16% who voted for Mitt Romney even though he suspended his campaign on Thursday. Do WA Romney operatives know something the rest of us don't know? Is Mitt hoping to be the spoiler at the convention? Or are WA Republicans just living up to an independent streak?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

There *Is* a Santa Claus!

Unexpected good news came via a text message on my cellphone saying "Your favorite Republican is dropping out." Now I can recognize a jest as well as the next person, particularly when I know the sender shares my feeling. So here it is ...

Romney Announces He Is Dropping Out of GOP Race

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Looking Ahead

From Team Huckabee:

We had a great night tonight and now it is time to get reorganized for the contests ahead.

We have upcoming votes in: WA, KS, and LA on Feb 9 and DC, MD and VA on Feb 12.We will launch new online headquarters for MD, VA, DC, KS, LA, WA and WI tomorrow. Emails will go out tomorrow morning to our supporters in each of these states detailing ways to help.

If you live outside of these states but have friends and family that live there please encourage them to learn more about Gov. Huckabee by visiting our website.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

West Virginia Likes Mike!!!

Gov. Huckabee has just won the official West Virginia Convention claiming 18 delegates.

On the second ballot at the West Virginia convention, Governor Huckabee received 52% of the vote. Governor Huckabee spoke to the convention this morning and his message clearly resonated with the delegates. After the first ballot, no one had the required majority of more than 50%. On the second ballot, Ron Paul was dropped as he got the lowest percentage on the first. Thanks to those who voted for the third and fourth place candidate who chose Governor Huckabee on the second ballot.

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Last night, the following message was delivered to my inbox:

At first glance at all of the candidates, I thought I would be voting for Huckabee. He was clever and quick and he was a Christian. Then I started listening to some of the conservative people...Rush, Ann Coulter, and Jason Lewis

They thought he was too liberal in his record. I started going to all of the web sites and reading everything I could about all of the candidates....even Obama and Clinton and Edwards! In the beginning, I was afraid of Mitt Romney because he was a Mormon. I listened to his speech on religion and began to believe that we are voting for a president, not the senior pastor. Mormons at least have very strong family values....he has raised five boys and still has a very close family.

I had heard of Mitt Romney as governor because of the health care plan in Massachusetts. I heard about it on the radio, and then did a little research about it for my health econ course for my master's degree. I really liked it.

Mitt is my guy. It goes back to the way I thought about the 2000 Governor race. I was for Sullivan. A businessman that understands what taxes are for, and how to run a business. Mitt Romney talks about China as an enemy. Look how China has controlled us with their lead paint products and toy recalls. Our trade deficit is shocking and of all of the candidates, I think only Romney gets that idea.

I do not know why you think he is fake. I know the media and McCain try to paint him as a flip flopper, but he has only the conservative side. And he is open and freely talks about his previous positions to the fact he has grown.

Remember, we have lots of politicians in the Republican party that have been big democrats. Ronald Regan is the first to come to mind....Norm Coleman is another. Romney was never that liberal.

I like Mitt because he has run companies, a state and he makes me proud to be an American. He believes that we live in the greatest country in the world and he and his campaign wants to make it even better. He has a vision for our economy and our military that is similar to mine. That is my little sermon for Mitt Romney. See you tomorrow. I worry that a vote for Huckabee is a vote for McCain. This will move our party way over to the left.


My first thought was "eek! A troll in my inbox!" I immediately composed a reply and made an effort to set Ms. Deb straight on the issues. It appears she is not a Minnesotan, since she speaks of an election for governor in 2000. The Minnesota governors office was not on the ballot in 2000 ... we still had Jessie. :-P (I did some checking. Brian Sullivan ran in 2002 but was defeated at the convention by Tim Pawlenty, the eventual winner.) She says she will "see me tomorrow". I assume that was meant to indicate she would be at the caucus. Too bad that she probably won't be ... I would like to have a conversation with "Deb".

I'm still puzzled as to how she got my e-mail address ... it's fairly private and relatively free from spam (no small feat in this day and age). Still, she made me feel targeted. Then she made me mad. Then she made me determined.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Mideast Obligations

Am I the only one who understands that an abrupt departure from the region could start renewed and violent hostilities against Israel? Nature (not to mention civilizations) abhors a vacuum and rushes to fill it. The vacuum left by our precipitous withdrawal from Iraq would be filled by Al Quaida and other terrorist organizations. Israel would stand alone as the only democracy in the region. Already under attack, their situation would be immensely worse if the US left the area. The Bush administration has already put Israel under duress with their stance regarding a Palestinian state. My question is: how willing are we to see Israel fall? I hope the answer is Not At All Willing.

Ahhhhh .... someone gets it!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Obama, Paul Confirmed For MTV/MySpace Dialogue - News Story

Mike Huckabee will participate in the MTV/MySpace discussion Saturday, February 2 at 5 PM CST. Other participants are Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Ron Paul. The event will air on MTV (as well as MTV2 and MTV Tr3s, with highlights on mtvU), stream online at and, stream on mobile devices via MTV Mobile, broadcast live on XM Satellite Radio, MTV and AP radio, and be distributed live and on-demand through the Associated Press Online Video Network, which has more than 1,800 media sites, including nearly 600 media outlets in Super Tuesday states. Invitations to this latest Presidential Dialogue have also been extended to John McCain and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

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True Conservative

Friday, February 1, 2008

Minnesota Matters

Well look at that ... we made the Google front page. Of course, due to Google's rotation policy the article may be gone before you go to look. Still, its unusual for the frozen chosen to get a spot on national news. Here are a few of the stories for your reading pleasure:

FACTBOX: Minnesota and its presidential caucus

Super Tuesday: Why Minnesota caucuses matter

Debate Redux

I watched both debates this week and come away from the experience with a sense of urgency as to how we get people to realize that they are throwing away their votes unless they vote for a candidate who really will address the issues that are affecting their lives.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are advocating a new round of Big Brotherism when we already have too much of that from our government.

Mitt Romney doesn't have a clue about what is needed to put America back on its feet. His much touted business experience is that of a corporate raider, who does whatever it takes to get the maximum profit from each deal without regard for the chaos he leaves in his wake. Ask the many who are left without jobs and holding worthless stock if they want more of Mitt.

Ron Paul, the perennial candidate holds some reasonable positions but will never get his message across to the country because of his presentation and the tactics of his supporters. It leaves one with a distinct fear of Paul which is probably not justified, but is a reaction to any interaction with his supporters.

John McCain is an honorable man, but is perhaps too limited in his perspectives. He is as polarizing in his own way as Hillary. To his credit, he is able to garner support from Independents and Democrats, which may work in his favor in the primaries to come.

After watching it all and weighing it impartially, I am still a Huckabee supporter. Mike Huckabee is the only candidate who really understands the needs and hopes of the American voter. He knows that government which is unresponsive is government doomed to fail. He is for a strong military, a responsible foreign policy and sound fiscal policies. He believes in small government and that the federal government should not try to take on the responsibilities of the individual states. As a former governor, he understands the impact of laws passed at the federal level which must be implemented at the state level. He is an excellent communicator and will bring back a sense that government is responsive to the people. We need Mike Huckabee!

Here's a good article: Mike Huckabee's Baptist Roots

The Quiet Side

OK, so I have been a little quiet this week. Not for lack of commitment, I assure you, but because I have been doing some grassroots work for Mike ... phone calls, e-mails, whatever I could to build some enthusiasm.

I've been really encouraged by some of the reports from my team ... they are making calls and doing a great job of promoting Mike to the voters of Florida and now Georgia and Alabama and other states with Super Tuesday primaries. Go Huckabeez!