Monday, January 14, 2008

Spitting Tacks

I listened to Mitt on Larry King tonight ... it was a big mistake! After hearing him state that he has said often that he is concerned for the economy (when? was I not listening? or did he get concerned on the plane to Michigan?) he again began talking about relief for the middle class. He was touting his plan to allow the middle class, which he defines as those earning under $200,000/year, to earn interest on their savings tax free. ARGH!

Thanks, Mitt. I challenge that on a bunch of levels, the first being how you define middle class. If he had said under $100,000, it might have been closer. But most of those people are two earner families and they need every penny they have to live. Most don't have savings, so Mitt's proposal is useless. Moreover, because they are two earner families, they pay a higher tax than a single earner would.

Get a clue, Mitt

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