Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Huckabee may be new face of the religious right

With the race for the Republican presidential nomination now behind him, former candidate Mike Huckabee has many possibilities ahead: Potential vice president to John McCain? GOP adviser? Another run for the White House? Any way, observers say, one thing seems clear: Huckabee is now a kinder, gentler fresh face of the evangelical movement.

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Mike would be a great choice to lead the evangelical movement and could do much to erase the negative connotation in the minds of the public from earlier, more dogmatic leaders.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Don't try to use Scripture to justify your positions, Mr. Obama. We know you are the most liberal member of the Senate. We know you are the most liberal candidate in this race. And now we know you will use any means to try to pander to voters.

I usually don't agree with Hugh Hewitt on much, but his recent post on Barack Obama's use of Scripture gave me pause: Obama's Sermon on the Mount. Hewitt suggests a law that might be useful in political situations: "A candidate should never cite Scripture except with great specificity and unless he or she expects and desires to return to the subject and have every reference they used parsed over by millions of Bible readers." I second that thought.

The Baptist Press picked up the story and ran the following on March 3rd: Obama: Sermon on the Mount supports gay civil unions. Better go back to the Bible and read it again, Mr. Obama.

On the other hand, if he keeps making statements like this, it might be enormously helpful to John McCain. Evangelicals aren't likely to get excited about the Arizona senator, but they might get very excited about voting against someone who makes statements distorting Scripture in such a way.

What's Next?

What's next for Polit-speak? This blog was born as a means to support Mike Huckabee. While I am not sure how successful it was in that endeavor, it did get some traffic and was a place to share information about the candidate of my choice.

I still have things to say about this election, and will continue to post to this blog.

That's what!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Delayed, But Not Deterred

"I want to thank all of you for the incredible encouragement that you've been giving to Janet and me these past few days. We read the blogs daily and get such a lift from the thoughtful and gracious things people are sayinig. It really does overwhelm us with gratitude." ... (read a personal message from Mike Huckabee)

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Support for Mike Huckabee is being poured out on the blog over at and many are calling for a campaign to urge John McCain to select Mike as his running mate. There are many reasons why this is not likely to happen, and the most important one is that it might be the worst possible move Mike could make. As John Edwards discovered this year, being tied to a losing ticket doesn't help your political future.

Of the candidates in the race for the Democratic nomination, John Edwards was the only one who spoke to the real concerns of people who make up the Democratic base, yet his campaign never took off. Why? I think there were two reasons:
  1. Concern for Elizabeth Edwards health
  2. People saw him as a loser after the acrimonious campaign in 2004
Is it fair? Not at all, but who says politics is fair?

I'm willing to add my 2 cents worth to the debate. I say there is a pattern to follow in Ronald Reagan's loss at the convention in 1976. Reagan spent the next four years gaining traction and building his bona fides as a statesman. The nomination in 1980 wasn't a walk in the park, but a backward look shows that it was almost inevitable. This is the time for Mike Huckabee to become more well known. No matter who wins the election this year, Mike has the opportunity to speak out on the issues and serve as the conscience of his party. Four years well spent could well reap big rewards in 2012.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Texas Toast

Tonight I am disappointed to see the end of Governor Huckabee's run for 2008. Yet I also hold out hope that he will continue to advance the issues that are so important to those of us who supported his candidacy ... secure borders, no amnesty for illegals, a fair trade policy, tax reform, the sanctity of human life and that marriage is not a civil right, but was instituted by God and is between one man and one woman.

More than anything else, I appreciated the humor, wit and decency that Mike Huckabee brought to the political arena. He is unmatched by any politician in my memory (even Ronald Reagan).

I hope that we learn well the lesson that the coming election will teach us. When we don't put forward our brightest and best, we surely deserve what we get. In the case of the candidates still in the race, I fear we will be greatly disappointed.

As an independent, I am faced with a huge dilemma. I have said all along that I did not feel I could support any of the candidates who are current office holders. My reason for this is the fact that none of them is keeping faith with the voters who elected them to their current jobs. And I felt that if they could not be faithful in the job they have now, they could not be trusted with higher office. Now I have to think long and hard about how I will vote.

It's a puzzlement.