Friday, January 25, 2008


The American Conservative has a good article online: The Audacity of Huck. I so wish the Beltway prophets and talking heads would get a clue.

I watched the debate last night on MSNBC and felt that the nature of the questions addressed to Governor Huckabee was deplorable. I could say the same about Congressman Paul. Tim Russert seemed to think they were there for his comic relief. To give Ron Paul his due, he stayed on message better than I have seen before. And Governor Huckabee was not deterred by Russert's sarcasm. When Russert attacked on the fair tax, Governor Huckabee suggested that he read the entire proposal and said that we need to be willing to look at new things because the same old system just wasn't working.

Tucker Carlson thinks Governor Huckabee won the debate.

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