Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Last night, the following message was delivered to my inbox:

At first glance at all of the candidates, I thought I would be voting for Huckabee. He was clever and quick and he was a Christian. Then I started listening to some of the conservative people...Rush, Ann Coulter, and Jason Lewis

They thought he was too liberal in his record. I started going to all of the web sites and reading everything I could about all of the candidates....even Obama and Clinton and Edwards! In the beginning, I was afraid of Mitt Romney because he was a Mormon. I listened to his speech on religion and began to believe that we are voting for a president, not the senior pastor. Mormons at least have very strong family values....he has raised five boys and still has a very close family.

I had heard of Mitt Romney as governor because of the health care plan in Massachusetts. I heard about it on the radio, and then did a little research about it for my health econ course for my master's degree. I really liked it.

Mitt is my guy. It goes back to the way I thought about the 2000 Governor race. I was for Sullivan. A businessman that understands what taxes are for, and how to run a business. Mitt Romney talks about China as an enemy. Look how China has controlled us with their lead paint products and toy recalls. Our trade deficit is shocking and of all of the candidates, I think only Romney gets that idea.

I do not know why you think he is fake. I know the media and McCain try to paint him as a flip flopper, but he has only flipped....to the conservative side. And he is open and freely talks about his previous positions to the fact he has grown.

Remember, we have lots of politicians in the Republican party that have been big democrats. Ronald Regan is the first to come to mind....Norm Coleman is another. Romney was never that liberal.

I like Mitt because he has run companies, a state and he makes me proud to be an American. He believes that we live in the greatest country in the world and he and his campaign wants to make it even better. He has a vision for our economy and our military that is similar to mine. That is my little sermon for Mitt Romney. See you tomorrow. I worry that a vote for Huckabee is a vote for McCain. This will move our party way over to the left.


My first thought was "eek! A troll in my inbox!" I immediately composed a reply and made an effort to set Ms. Deb straight on the issues. It appears she is not a Minnesotan, since she speaks of an election for governor in 2000. The Minnesota governors office was not on the ballot in 2000 ... we still had Jessie. :-P (I did some checking. Brian Sullivan ran in 2002 but was defeated at the convention by Tim Pawlenty, the eventual winner.) She says she will "see me tomorrow". I assume that was meant to indicate she would be at the caucus. Too bad that she probably won't be ... I would like to have a conversation with "Deb".

I'm still puzzled as to how she got my e-mail address ... it's fairly private and relatively free from spam (no small feat in this day and age). Still, she made me feel targeted. Then she made me mad. Then she made me determined.

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