Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back from the Blahs

I've been fighting the flu, so haven't been very faithful about blogging. What energy I did have, I spent on phone calls for Mike Huckabee and harassing the Washington Republican Party.

Yes, I was one of many who e-mailed the WSRP asking for an explanation of their declaring John McCain the winner when only 87% of the vote had been counted and the margin was only 242 votes. They weren't very happy about being questioned, with the state chair saying it was obvious I didn't understand the caucus process. (Hello, MN is a caucus state, though he had no way of knowing why I *do* understand the caucus process.) Then I got an e-mail from another state party official telling me not to send another e-mail because the issue was decided. Huh? That sounds to me like someone doesn't understand who voters are and what their power is. If I lived in WA I would have gone immediately to their office to have it out with them. (and perhaps share my germs in retaliation)

Now that I can talk without coughing my lungs out, I am going back to the phones tomorrow and will keep at it until we reach the next primaries.

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