Friday, February 1, 2008

Debate Redux

I watched both debates this week and come away from the experience with a sense of urgency as to how we get people to realize that they are throwing away their votes unless they vote for a candidate who really will address the issues that are affecting their lives.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are advocating a new round of Big Brotherism when we already have too much of that from our government.

Mitt Romney doesn't have a clue about what is needed to put America back on its feet. His much touted business experience is that of a corporate raider, who does whatever it takes to get the maximum profit from each deal without regard for the chaos he leaves in his wake. Ask the many who are left without jobs and holding worthless stock if they want more of Mitt.

Ron Paul, the perennial candidate holds some reasonable positions but will never get his message across to the country because of his presentation and the tactics of his supporters. It leaves one with a distinct fear of Paul which is probably not justified, but is a reaction to any interaction with his supporters.

John McCain is an honorable man, but is perhaps too limited in his perspectives. He is as polarizing in his own way as Hillary. To his credit, he is able to garner support from Independents and Democrats, which may work in his favor in the primaries to come.

After watching it all and weighing it impartially, I am still a Huckabee supporter. Mike Huckabee is the only candidate who really understands the needs and hopes of the American voter. He knows that government which is unresponsive is government doomed to fail. He is for a strong military, a responsible foreign policy and sound fiscal policies. He believes in small government and that the federal government should not try to take on the responsibilities of the individual states. As a former governor, he understands the impact of laws passed at the federal level which must be implemented at the state level. He is an excellent communicator and will bring back a sense that government is responsive to the people. We need Mike Huckabee!

Here's a good article: Mike Huckabee's Baptist Roots

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