Sunday, December 23, 2007

Not since Wellstone

Politicians who capture the imagination of the electorate are remarkably few. I'm talking about those few who seem to know what goes on in the mind of the people they are supposed to represent. In my lifetime I remember only very few, most notably Paul Wellstone and Mike Huckabee. Seeing Mike's Huckabus roll through Iowa brings to mind images of the green bus Wellstone used so effectively.

Perhaps what is so refreshing and unusual is the presence of civility in politics. The challenge for Huckabee will be to continue to hold to his persona as he succeeds in raising his political profile. Politics is such a dirty business as it is practiced today. Yet, if Mike Huckabee were inclined to succumb to dirty politics and attack ads, you would think we would know it by now, particularly as his record in Arkansas is scrutinized and exaggerated by his opponents.

It's just refreshing ... it makes me hope.

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