Monday, December 31, 2007


I continually struggle with the dichotomy I see in politics. I have seen politicians of all stripes going after the evangelical vote. Most of them have many reasons why evangelicals should vote for them, but it usually comes down to two ... "family values" and abortion. I put family values in quotes because thats what the politicians did ... or so it seemed to me. I never really knew what they meant by family values, unless they were going to dictate to me what those should be. I became pretty cynical about politicians as a group.

I have a hard time understanding how we elect some of the people we do. We need to be holding their feet to the fire of their own rhetoric. We need to demand answers from them. To take a line from Franken ... "We're worth it and we deserve it."

All this to say I am puzzled why evangelicals would even flirt with Mitt Romney when they could support Mike Huckabee. I have a real struggle with that. In fact, I think it is totally to their shame.

In my reading of Huckabee blogs, I found an interesting post on this subject: The Shame of Evangelicals. Give it a read.

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