Monday, January 5, 2009

RNC Debate

I just finished watching the debate between the candidates for the RNC Chairmanship. Here are my initial reactions (listed in the order they were seated and spoke):

Michael Steele - very smooth. Has a good stage persona, honed by his television appearances. But I didn't feel he was passionate about anything except getting the job, although he did well in his closing statement. He is Hannity's choice, which probably means he is also Romney's choice.

Katon Dawson - spoke well and has a solid record. He also has some negatives which will probably keep him from the chair.

Ken Blackwell - has been gathering a lot of support and may be unstoppable. He seemed to lack passion for the task ahead (IMO) and (again, IMO) spent too much time talking about me, me, me.

Saul Anuzis - just didn't come across well. Part of that was early problems with his microphone, but he just doesn't seem to have the wide range of experience necessary to take on the national chair.

Chip Saltsman - seemed like the youngster in the crowd ... oh, wait, he is. He didn't talk a lot about mechanics, but did demonstrate a passion for the battle that will be necessary to field candidates and rebrand the GOP.

Mike Duncan - in a defensive battle to keep his job in light of huge losses in the states and nationally. He didn't help himself, IMO.

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