Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Axis of the Outrageous

If we don't accomplish anything else in the next election cycle, we need to put our energy into defeating Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. These two public servants are so determined to put their own agendas into law that they will do anything to ensure their success. Witness Nancy Pelosi's recent rule changes meant to hamper the efforts of representatives who don't agree with legislation to modify or amend it. Further witness Harry Reid's calling the Senate into session to grab land and prevent energy exploration on millions of acres. Amanda Carpenter at Townhall wrote about Harry Reid's Land Grab and followed up with an interesting article on who voted for the bill.

Harry Reid knows that the public strongly supports domestic energy exploration and didn't have the guts to enact the ban which expired last fall. So he takes this way to ban exploration. Not to mention adding huge costs to a budget that is already so far in the hole one wonders if we will ever get out of it.

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