Friday, April 11, 2008

What Now?

Of many points made on the conference call last night with Mike Huckabee, perhaps the strongest was the challenge that we not sit and wait for 2012. There are many things that can happen between now and then and we need to be looking for ways to rebuild and reform our politics long before candidates for that election begin lining up.

Mike said he would be supporting candidates at all levels ... local, state and national ... who endorse positions we hold important. He said we need to begin now to change the Republican party so that is is responsive to the needs of people and works for them. It should no longer be considered the party of the rich and elite. With that goal in mind, Mike announced that his web site would be undergoing a redesign and would relaunch on Tuesday, April 15. (/me wonders at the significance of that!)

Maybe that explains why my Ranger link is not working? Nah ... it was something missing in the code. Not sure why, but it is fixed for now.

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