Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Texas Toast

Tonight I am disappointed to see the end of Governor Huckabee's run for 2008. Yet I also hold out hope that he will continue to advance the issues that are so important to those of us who supported his candidacy ... secure borders, no amnesty for illegals, a fair trade policy, tax reform, the sanctity of human life and that marriage is not a civil right, but was instituted by God and is between one man and one woman.

More than anything else, I appreciated the humor, wit and decency that Mike Huckabee brought to the political arena. He is unmatched by any politician in my memory (even Ronald Reagan).

I hope that we learn well the lesson that the coming election will teach us. When we don't put forward our brightest and best, we surely deserve what we get. In the case of the candidates still in the race, I fear we will be greatly disappointed.

As an independent, I am faced with a huge dilemma. I have said all along that I did not feel I could support any of the candidates who are current office holders. My reason for this is the fact that none of them is keeping faith with the voters who elected them to their current jobs. And I felt that if they could not be faithful in the job they have now, they could not be trusted with higher office. Now I have to think long and hard about how I will vote.

It's a puzzlement.

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