Saturday, March 8, 2008


Don't try to use Scripture to justify your positions, Mr. Obama. We know you are the most liberal member of the Senate. We know you are the most liberal candidate in this race. And now we know you will use any means to try to pander to voters.

I usually don't agree with Hugh Hewitt on much, but his recent post on Barack Obama's use of Scripture gave me pause: Obama's Sermon on the Mount. Hewitt suggests a law that might be useful in political situations: "A candidate should never cite Scripture except with great specificity and unless he or she expects and desires to return to the subject and have every reference they used parsed over by millions of Bible readers." I second that thought.

The Baptist Press picked up the story and ran the following on March 3rd: Obama: Sermon on the Mount supports gay civil unions. Better go back to the Bible and read it again, Mr. Obama.

On the other hand, if he keeps making statements like this, it might be enormously helpful to John McCain. Evangelicals aren't likely to get excited about the Arizona senator, but they might get very excited about voting against someone who makes statements distorting Scripture in such a way.

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