Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Minnesota's Moment of Truth

For years we Minnesotans have prided ourselves on the smooth operation of our elections. Voting systems were standardized statewide many years ago, eliminating most of the problems that seem to creep up in other states. No hanging chads or butterfly ballots in Minnesota, thank you! Along with smoothly operated elections, we have consistently had one of the highest percentages of voter turnout in the nation.

Pride comes before a fall and we have fallen hard in the election of 2008. The news today says that Al Franken is preparing to take the Senate seat in Washington in spite of the challenge going to the Supreme Court. That seems wrong in an election with so many irregularities. From "found" votes to numbers of voters that are higher than the registered voters in a district to opposing rules for allowing absentee votes ... this election has more questions than answers.

It is my opinion that Mr. Franken should sit this one out and let the Supreme Court speak.

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